Robot pipette tip


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Tecan’s disposable tip portfolio offers a broad selection of pipette tips that can be used with the Liquid handling Arms, Flexible channel arms and Multichannel Arms from Tecan liquid handling platforms.

LiHa disposable tips supplied in ANSI/SLAS format give you increased flexibility on the worktable, and are fully compatible with storage and automation devices on Tecan liquid handling platforms, offering you higher throughput and longer walkaway times.

Tecan’s MCA 96 disposable tip products offer a variety of pipetting solutions to complement the MultiChannel Arm 96 option for Freedom EVO® liquid handling work stations. Use the nested tips for improved throughput and increased walkaway time.

The MultiChannel Arm (MCA) 384 option for Freedom EVO® and ∗Fluent® workstations provides automated liquid handling with higher throughput and flexibility for a variety of applications.


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