Leg abduction weight training station / leg adduction / standard
Selection Multi Hip Technogym


  • Type of exercise:

    leg abduction, leg adduction

  • Use:



Multi Hip is a multi-functional appliance used for performing numerous exercises for the hips, glutes, adductors, abductors and legs. There is an adjustable arm and roller pad depending on the user's hip height so that a desirable movement is achieved. The user keeps the front or back of the thigh against the cushion and sways the leg upward to the highest possible height, by making angle of movement of 360°. The weight stack provides the resistance which allows the workload to get adjusted to suit each and every user. It is a multi-functional machine used for hip muscles; Enables exercises hip flexors and extensors, adductor and abductor. For easy positioning of different sizes of users, there is a counterbalanced lever present. Stability is guaranteed with the use of extra wide support platform. The equipment is easy to use as all the exercise equipments are designed to make the use convenient and intuitive.


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