veterinary radiography X-ray generator / portable
GIERTH TR 90/30 OR Technology - Oehm und Rehbein



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    for veterinary radiography

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The GIERTH High Frequency (HF) X-ray instruments are designed with high technology to deliver high performance and greater quality of service to the users. The device is the most accepted and highly used mobile X-ray systems in the world. The advanced HF technology developed by GIERTH can be compared with the rotating anode unit but in compact form. The complete range of radiological application used in practice of mixed veterinary is covered by product technology of GIERTH. The GIERTH HF 80 ML is very light with a weight of 6,500grams provides safe handling and sufficient performance. The advanced performance with a level of up to 120 kV/100 mA is provided by the GIERTH HF 400 ML. The product is supplied with an option of integrated veterinary anatomical programme. With minimized height as well as weight, it delivers high power. The product is suitable for needs of the equine practice.