veterinary X-ray system / digital / table-type
Amadeo V-DR mini, Amadeo V-DR mini OR Technology - Oehm und Rehbein



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    veterinary X-ray system

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Space-saving complete system with rotating monitor arm for use with standard wall sockets

The Amadeo V-DR mini X-ray system has been developed especially for the requirements of veterinary practices and is particularly suited for small animal practices. The patient table is equipped with a floating tabletop and silent brakes. It allows for generous movement and can be operated from the front panel. The height-adjustable monitor arm can be rotated by 180°, enabling comfortable operation of the dicomPACS®DX-R acquisition and diagnostic software. The 230 V high frequency generator is incorporated directly into the X-ray table, using minimal space. The compact build of the Amadeo V-DR mini makes it ideal for installation in confined spaces.