adult manual resuscitator / pediatric / infant / rubber



  • Patient type:

    adult, pediatric, infant

  • Other characteristics:



Flexo Bag infant, autoclavable with pressure relief valve
Flexo Bag includes a wide range of single chamber bags, made with exclusive characteristics and solutions.
The range includes 3 types of models: adult, child, infant, and each model is made in 4 versions.
All the bags, both autoclavable and non-autoclavable, are made from latex free, antistatic, natural rubber.
All the models are black, since this ensures less visible deterioration and maximum protection and preservation from alteration due to light exposure.
The chambers of the bags have been designed to have maximum elasticity even in critical conditions.
This ensures rapid expansion after each use, and so guarantees operating efficiency and ergonomics.
All the bags have rigid bosses with threaded locking to ensure the bag is perfectly sealed and easy to fit and remove, so that the device can be disinfected and sterilized.