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Balloons: Innovative, High-Performance, and Outstanding Quality
Work With The Balloon Experts™ at Teleflex Medical OEM. We are your single source solution for the design, development, and manufacturing of balloons. We have the in-house, vertically integrated capabilities to provide everything from precision extrusion of balloon tubing to balloon blowing, to device assembly. Everything we do revolves around you:

Concept design and development
Design for manufacturability
Rapid prototyping
Testing and validation
Balloon blowing
In-house, custom tooling
Pre-clinical and pilot manufacturing
Component, sub-assembly, and finished device manufacture
Let’s work together on your balloon project.

“Balloons and Balloon Catheter” brochure, read online or download a PDF

Balloon Capabilities:

Diameters: 1mm to 18mm
Lengths: 4mm to 200mm
Shapes: cylindrical, spherical, oval, conical, stepped, and tapered
Customization available
Materials: polyamides and engineered nylons such as Pebax®, Grilamid®, and Vestamid®, polyethylene terephthalate (PET), polyurethane, blends, and varying durometers
Balloon ends: conical sharp corner, conical radius corner, spherical end, and square
Customization available
Balloon Tubing: Teleflex Medical OEM has the extrusion expertise to hold tight OD and ID tolerances, and control mechanical properties, such as elongation, for better yields. LEARN MORE
Classifications of Balloons
Balloon compliance refers to the change in balloon diameter as a function of inflation pressure.

Non-Compliant Dilatation Balloons

Ultra high-strength
Semi-Compliant Dilatation Balloons

Compliant Balloons

Low pressure

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