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Product Overview
AZUR Peripheral Hydrocoil Embolization System - The Technology of Expansion

The AZUR Peripheral HydroCoil Embolization System combines a platinum coil and an expandable hydrogel polymer. In concert, these elements provide a uniquely stable and permanent platform for blood stasis, thrombus organization, and neointima formation.1, 2, 3AZUR’s hydrogel coating undergoes limited expansion within the first 3 minutes, and fully expands within 20 minutes*. The result is greater filling and mechanical stability with fewer coils – nearly 5 times more filling volume for the 0.018" coil and 4 times more filling volume for the .035" coil (versus platinum coils of the same size). In other words, AZUR works harder so you don’t have to.

Superior volume filling, packing density, and occlusion efficacy 4, 5
Superior mechanical stability 5, 6, 7, 8
Offers the potential to use less coils which may provide cost savings per procedure9


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