vascular closure system / with anchor / with suture / with sealant
ANGIO-SEAL™ Terumo Medical



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    with anchor, with suture, with sealant


Designed for efficient and reliable vascular closure
Reducing complications and hospital stays for greater patient satisfaction1-5
Increasing lab efficiencies so you can treat more patients5,6-8

Accessing the vascular system requires reliable hemostasis—the safety and recovery of your patients depends on it. Bleeding complications are associated with increased morbidity and mortality, longer hospitalization and a higher cost of care.1 Managing hemostasis can also place a burden on the efficiency of your lab. You need a faster, more reliable solution to help increase your ability to treat more patients, reduce nursing time and improve patient ambulation for earlier discharge.5

A more efficient alternative to manual compression, active closure devices help you achieve hemostasis much more rapidly and without added staff assistance.1-4 Our Angio-Seal vascular closure devices have been proven to help patients reach ambulation earlier, allowing them to be discharged sooner.5

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