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laboratory reagent dispenser
Multidrop™ Combi nL Thermo Scientific



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The Thermo Scientific Multridrop Combi nL bulk reagent dispenser for nanoliter to microliter volumes offers persistent, significant throughput for laborities from a range of 50nL to 50µL. This device expands the dimension of the industry leading Multidrop product family. These provide an easy entry to accurate and dependable dispensing at a low volume in biotechnology and pharmaceutical laboratories. The Thermo Scientific Multidrop Combi nL provdes dispensing for volumes of 50nL - 50µL into 96-, 384- and 1536- well plates with stunning accuracy. It provides top quality assay data because of its accurate dispensing within the 50nL to 50µL range.It repeatedly dispenses into plates with different heights and enables the user to fill rows, wells or columns with the aid of the user friendly FILLit Software. Its onboard interface makes the device easy to set up and maintain.

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