ophthalmic laser / cataract surgery / Nd:YAG / trolley-mounted
LENSAR Topcon Europe Medical



  • Applications:

    ophthalmic, cataract surgery

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The proprietary automated biometry, superior ocular imaging and measurement technology, 3D-CSI™ (Confocal Structured Illumination), is incorporated in the LensAR Laser System™ with a highly developed ultra-short pulse laser. The system is designed with an objective to bring a level of accuracy to the refractive cataract process and enables to reduce the ultrasound power that is substantially required in all grades of cataracts. This process was not possible previously by automating most of the manual incisions. The CCl's and LRI's will be performed by the device. After taking a 3D image Capsulotomies and Lens Fragmentation are done automatically and all of the ocular structures are measured accurately by the device starting from the front surface of the cornea to the subsequent surface of the lens. In order to provide expediency and effectiveness to the patient, surgeon and OR staff, the workflow of LensAR Laser System™ was intentionally designed. The device is adaptable to diverse environments. To perform a complete cataract procedure, the device can be used straight in the OR, or positioned in a laser suite adjacent to OR.