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server software / sharing / training / multimedia
TeleSlide MultiMedia TRIBVN



  • Function:

    sharing, training, multimedia

  • Application domain:


  • Other characteristics:

    web-based, server


Dynamic training
TeleSlide MultiMedia is an application server designed for teaching. This software enables the construction of full training files, from the creation of practical cases for work involving the creation of clinical case files and knowledge assessment.

The principal function of the TeleSlide MultiMedia application is the on-line uploading and sharing of image files. Teachers publish cases with a strong image component: they include macroscopic and microscopic imaging, digital slides and radiology. The objective is the capability of making these cases accessible to several groups of students in accordance with pre-determined usage and access rules. As such, learners access published content during courses, taught classes, as part of continuous monitoring and during examinations. Published case files are accessible via a university’s intranet or remotely via the Internet. This means students can work from home.

The application is fully web-based and operates with PCs, Macs and tablets It is robust and can handle several simultaneous connections to a single document.
Multiple teaching applications
The principal advantage of TeleSlide MultiMedia is the interaction the application enables between teachers and learners. Students are able to :

make and share dynamic annotations,
complete forms or multiple-choice questionnaires,
provide illustrated responses via an Office document,
work in virtual multi-head microscope mode.