semi-automatic coagulation analyzer / human / compact / 1-channel
DIAMOND One Tridema Engineering



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    compact, 1-channel


The Diamond is a semi-automatic single channel coagulation analyzer.
It can perform coagulative,chromogenic and immunoturbidimetric tests, with his three wavelenght 450,510 and 630 nm
It is an open system , the user can set up the parameters for each test to get the best clotting detection.
Compact, small ,light, it operates at 12 Volts CC, with the 110-220 VAC adapter supplied.


The Diamond system is a semi automated coagulometer, a high performance analyzer with photo-optical clot detection. It performs PT, A-ptt, Clauss fibrinogen and TT.
the Diamond has a highly sensitive photometer with a light source provided by a solid stae threee wave-length led emitter at 460nm; 510nm, and 630 n=m whioch ensures accurate and precise results.