Raman spectrometer / CCD / for the pharmaceutical industry / compact
ProRaman-L TSI GmbH



  • Type:

    Raman, CCD

  • Applications:

    for the pharmaceutical industry

  • Other characteristics:

    compact, bench-top, high-sensitivity


PRODUCT DETAILSThe ProRaman-L features a high sensitivity CCD spectrograph with CCD cooling temperature to –60º C, and high throughput laboratory fiber optics probes. Each system includes a notebook computer preloaded with RamanReader software for operation. The excitation laser are available at 532 nm and 785 nm.The ProRaman-L instruments are ideal for demanding Raman analysis in academic, research, industrial laboratories and process line requiring an affordable, high performance Raman instrument.FEATURES AND BENEFITSBest Signal to Noise Characteristics of any Laboratory Raman InstrumentAccurate, Fast, Repeatable Raman MeasurementsHigh Sensitivity Raman System for laboratory & chemical process monitoringHRP-8 High Throughput Laboratory Probe ( O.D. > 8 )Best Performance / Cost RatioCompact, Reliable and Easy to useAPPLICATIONSPharmaceuticalChemicals, PolymersBiologyGeology/Mineralogy/GemologyCarbon Nanotubes, GrapheneSolar cellsPaper & Pulp