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rotating anode X-ray tube
G-1592 VAREX Imaging

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rotating anode X-ray tube rotating anode X-ray tube - G-1592


  • Tube type:

    rotating anode

  • Nominal anode input voltage:

    47,000 W, 112,000 W


The G-1592 is a 133 mm (5.25 inches) 150 kV, 1.1 MJ (1.5 MHU) maximum anode heat content, rotating anode insert. This metal center section insert is designed for radiography, cineradiography, digital and film screen angiography procedures. The insert features a 12° tungstenrhenium -molybdenum graphite backed target and is available with the following nominal focal spots:
0.6 - 1.2 IEC 60336
Nominal Anode Input Power Small - 47 kW IEC 60613 Large - 112 kW IEC 60613 For the equivalent anode input power of 250 Watts