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rotating anode X-ray tube
RAD-73/HE-50 VAREX Imaging

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rotating anode X-ray tube rotating anode X-ray tube - RAD-73/HE-50


  • Tube type:

    rotating anode

  • Nominal anode input voltage:

    8,000 W


The RAD-73 is a 4” (102 mm) 49.0 kV, 450 kJ (600 kHU) maximum anode heat content, rotating anode insert. This insert is specifi cally designed for use in Mammography systems. The insert features a 16° rhenium-tungsten facing on molybdenum with a graphite backed target and is available with the following nominal focal spot:
0.3 @ 32 kV, 150 mA IEC 60336
Nominal Anode Input Power 8.0 kW @ 6.0 sec. IEC 60613 For the equivalent anode input power of 190 Watts
This insert is intended for use in Varex Imaging MAMRAD 100H housings.