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videonystagmography system / rotary chair
Epley Omniax® System Vesticon



  • Components:

    videonystagmography system, rotary chair


A Critical Component of Any Vestibular Laboratory

The Epley Omniax® System provides information that is both unique and complementary to ENG/VNG, rotary chair and posturographic testing.

The Epley Omniax® System is the only clinical tool that provides comprehensive management of positional vertigo, including non-particle disorders as well as classic BPPV and its many variants.

Epley Omniax System
Precise, multi-axial patient positioning aids analysis of each semi-circular canal independently and throughout its 360° range. Unique nystagmus analysis provides the framework for a new, advanced level of care for a wide range of vestibular disorders.

Detect: For the first time, providers have complete access to the semi-circular canals with 360° positioning in any plane. A proprietary “dashboard” of real-time comprehensive information aids in detecting overt, subtle, latent or transient nystagmus.

Differentiate: Advanced video and VNG nystagmus analysis helps to clearly differentiate between BPPV and other causes of position-related vertigo.

Treat: Select from a menu of standard protocols or develop your own freestyle maneuvers for each canal and condition. Ability to safely and precisely achieve any patient position. Easily attempt a much wider range of treatment options.

Manage: Record, print and instantly play back patient sessions. Monitor progress and review previous sessions using printed reports, session logs and customized video playback.

Provide personalized and more satisfying care for your vestibular patients with first-of-its-kind analysis and treatment.

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