downflow fume hood / for animal research / bench-top / ductless
966001 VetEquip



  • Applications:

    for animal research

  • Configuration:


  • Other characteristics:

    ductless, downflow


The Downdraft Anesthesia Work Station is specifically designed to provide a small bench-mounted unit with unrestricted access for those procedures that are difficult to perform in a fume cabinet. The downflow action takes the contaminated air away from the operator and an audible alarm will alert the operator when the airflow falls to an unacceptable level.


No ducting or installation costs.
Integral lighting illuminates the work surface.
All mechanisms in the head are on the clean side of the filter, with the switches and electrical components being isolated from any contamination.
The filter clamping mechanism enables the filter to be easily located and ensures an even seal at the filter face.
The main filter block can be chosen from fourteen different types which include specialty filters for vapors of acids, mercury and formaldehyde.
Total airflow = 145 CFM
Work surface face velocity = 80 FPM