panoramic X-ray system / cephalometric X-ray system / dental CBCT scanner / digital
Rotograph Evo 3D Villa Sistemi Medicali



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    panoramic X-ray system, cephalometric X-ray system, dental CBCT scanner

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The Rotograph Evo 3D is the latest and most innovative dental imaging system demonstrating 3-in-1 functionality including Panoramic, Cephalometric and 3D. The latest machine is established on increasingly regarded mechanical platform offered by the Rotograph Evo. It is mechanically and electronically compatible to function with the state of the art “Cone Beam" technology permitting 3D reconstruction of jaws. The core of Rotograph Evo 3D includes the modern Flat Panel Detector (FPD), incorporating use of Amorphous Silicon technology that is involved with Cesium Iodide scintillator (CsI). Its peculiarity helps it to operate in either 3D or panoramic modality. Pan images are accomplished directly and not redesigned from a volume, when 8, 5x8, 5 cm 3D Field of View of the unit permits to achieve the complete dental status of patient in single exposure. Rotograph Evo 3D is also capable of being integrated with digital Cephalometric arm, or optimized at the later stage while required, for expanding the applications to orthodontic field.

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