UV LED dermatoscope
microDERM® Optima UV Visiomed



  • Light source:

    UV LED


Whether used for clinical diagnosis or to obtain an overview prior to a skin cancer screening: with its maximum field of view and an illumination close to daylight, the microDERM® Optima magnifying examination glass offers optimum support in day-to-day practice. The ultra-low weight teamed with a powerful battery allows comfortable handling.

Your advantages at a glance:

• Two lighting modes in one appliance
• Maximum field of view within Ø 94mm
• High-performance lithium-ion battery
• Easy charging via USB or charging station
• Ultra-light design (only 330g)
• Including protective cover made of robust nylon

microDERM® Optima UV offers you polarised light akin to daylight for optimum screenings and an illumination in the UV range for fluorescence diagnosis. The UV light is suitable for both photodynamic examinations of cancerous cells and Wood’s light exams of bacterial, parasitic or fungal skin infection.

For further enhanced handling and flexibility, microDERM® Optima has been equipped with a powerful battery. Highly flexible charging is possible via either USB or the charging station. When using the USB connection, the operating time may be increased even further.