white LED dermatoscope
microDERM® LUMINIS Visiomed



  • Light source:

    white LED


microDERM® Luminis is the only hand-held dermoscopic tool that offers the daylight chromatic spectrum. High-quality optical components paired with newly developed electronic control guarantee a brilliant standardised image quality, simple handling and resilient operation.

Your advantages at a glance:

• full spectrum daylight lighting
• highest quality precision optics
• direct or diffuse lighting
• polarised light for faster examinations
• wide-view-optics 10-fold magnification
• magnetic lock for quick adapter change
• patient-friendly examination distance

The microprocessor-controlled light mixture of microDERM® Luminis allows a colour reproduction close to natural daylight.

From a comfortable distance of 20 cm the maximised field of vision allows examination of lesions to be more patient friendly without losing details or sharpness. Direct eyepiece contact can be uncomfortable and is now an unnecessary thing of the past.

Using the optional cross-polarisation filter the skin can be examined with no reflections and without dermoscopic liquids.