Dental laboratory ceramic sintering furnace
VITA INCERAMAT 3 T VITA Zahnfabrik H. Rauter GmbH & Co.KG

The VITA INCERAMAT 3 T has come up with a furnace using the In-Ceram slip technique. The furnace is automatically operated and controlled by a microprocessor which enables the furnace to fabricate highly stable ceramic frameworks. Its ventilation process is set in such a way that moisture released from the plaster dies rises and the ceramic frameworks are not contaminated. The furnace with its large firing table and firing chamber can fabricate larger number of frameworks at one point of time. The VITA In-Ceram frameworks are produced on the basis of In-Ceram the slip technique. The display unit comes with high resolution color graphics and touch screen option to make it a user friendly and safe device. Graphics or table mode option is available with the system. Firing programs are all segmented based on the material groups and can be controlled with the help of reliable electronics feature.


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