dual-head stethoscope / stainless steel
2720 W.A. Baum



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    stainless steel


The Baum Stainless Steel Dual Head Stethoscope

Designed for general healthcare applications.
Built to our unique specifications.
Offers outstanding acoustics.


Precision machined stainless steel dual head chestpiece, valve stem and binaural.
A dual binaural spring is incorporated inside the tubing to reduce bulk and weight.
Non-chill rings are fitted to the diaphragm and the bell receivers for added patient comfort.
Soft eartips ensure a comfortable, correct fit.
Single lumen black non-latex tubing.
Extra eartips and a replacement diaphragm are included.

Packaged Dimensions:

101⁄4” L x 51⁄4” W x 11/3” H

Packaged Weight:

.58 lbs.

Product Specifications

Length - 31"
Tubing Color - Black
Chestpiece - Stainless Steel