passive wheelchair / indoor / MRI-compatible
MRG4900 Wardray Premise



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The EasyRoller is a manual wheelchair made from 100% environmentally friendly thermoplastic. This chair can be used in any hospital department but is particularly suited to the MRI environment.

Conventional wheelchairs contain metal which make it impossible to enter an MRI room. The EasyRoller contains no metal and patients can be transported closely to the MRI machine.

This wheelchair has no parts that can be removed and demands very little maintenance and is easy to manoeuvre.

The EasyRoller has a moulded footrest and the back, seat and armrests are upholstered for comfort.
Features include:

Parking brakes
Tilting security
Clothes protection
Driving handles

Optional extra:

Safety belt

The MRG4900 is fully tested to 7 Tesla.

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