wheelchair-bound person treadmill
Olympus Elite WP40-SPR Wheelers' Paramill



  • Patient type:

    wheelchair-bound person


Dimensions: 57x57x53 (with ramp 113x57x53) Max Wheel Width: 40“

40" Max Wheel Width Wide base to fit both Standard and Athletic chair
Unique locking system to feel safe and secure
Backward and forward push capabilities
Split roller designed to accommodate right and left capabilities together or separate
Adjustable Resistance settings for personalized workout
18" Touchscreen monitor
Pairable Bluetooth Heart rate monitor
Speed, Distance and preset programs
USB port for progress download
Accessible for independent workouts
Fits all standard street chairs and most athletic chairs
Cable TV Accessible
Facebook and YouTube accessibilities
Removable ramp for easy storage
Monitor Upgrades Available

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