hand-held spirometer / computer-based
Gasboard-7020 Wuhan Cubic Optoelectronics



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It adopts ultrasonic technology by ultrasonic gas flow sensor to measure body’s respiratory function and inspiratory function, to convert the patient breathing signal into electrical signal which is sent to corresponding signal processing circuit, to display real-time respiratory flow curve and then to calculate a variety of physiological and spirometric parameters. It can be used to monitor static vital capacity, forced vital capacity and maximum voluntary ventilation rate.

The software can automatically do BTPS correction and evaluate pulmonary function.

●Measure exhale and inhale function of the human body
●Portable and compatible
●No need to replace the sensor, no maintenance, simple, light-weight, easy handling
●Dedicated disposable mouthpiece, suitable for children and adults
●Upgradable and expandable

●Test instruments used in respiratory internal medicine, pulmonary medicine, tracheitis medicine, surgery etc
●Preoperative Pulmonary function tests
●With the needs of the internal medicine diagnosis and treatment.
●To meet the needs of the cardiology medical work
●The physical examination of the company and the school
●To meet the needs of industrial hygiene

VC (Vital Capacity): (0.5-8)L, ±3% or ±0.050L whichever is larger
FVC(Forced Vital Capacity): (0.5-8)L, ±3% or ±0.050L whichever is larger
MVV(Maximum Ventilatory Volume): 250L/min±3% or ±15L whichever is larger

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