EtCO2 module for multi-parameter monitor
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IntroductionIt is designed by the principle of infrared absorption spectroscopy for the determination of the concentration of carbon dioxide at the end of an exhaled breath, which is widely used to monitoring the respiratory end tidal CO2 concentration and respiration rate. It is easy to be integrated to the monitors or anesthesia machines with an 8-pin socket and the preparation of the corresponding display/control software.Features:•Fast response, long lifespan▪High-accuracy NDIR sensor adopted▪Compensation technology used for high accuracy of temperature and pressure▪With EMC system, avoiding the interference of electromagnetic▪Auto calibration against the drift from temperature, pressure and inconsistent component▪Excellent clinical waveform recognition ability▪Low power consumption and small size▪Low maintenance costsApplications:▪Clinical anesthetic Machine▪CRCR, PACU, ICU, pre-hospital rescue▪Respirator▪ETCO2 monitor etcSpecifications:1.Principle of Operation: Non-dispersive infrared (NDIR)2.Measuring Range CO2: 0 to 10%vol; 0 to 20% vol3.CO2 accuracy:±2 mmHg 5.0% CO2(at BTPS),±10%of reading >5.0% CO2(at BTPS)4.Warm up: 10s5.Respiration rate range: 2~10BPM6.Respiration rate accuracy: ±1 breath7.Data interface: TTL or RS2328.Power supply 5.0 ±5% VDC, 400mW 9.Dimensions: 50×23×36 mmmainstream ETCO2 sensor /End-Tidal Carbon Dioxide/NDIR mainstream ETCO2 sensor /End-Tidal Carbon Dioxide/NDIR

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