flow sensor / oxygen / for the medical industry / ultrasonic
Gasboard 7520 Wuhan Cubic Optoelectronics



  • Evaluation type:

    flow, oxygen

  • Applications:

    for the medical industry

  • Other characteristics:



IntroductionGasboard 7520 ultrasonic gas flow and oxygen sensor use the ultrasonic velocity difference between upstream and downstream to detect the gas flow and concentration.It is reliable and low cost to integrated into the home or medical oxygen concentrator, respirator and anesthetic machine.OEM/ODM SERVICE CAN BE CUSTOMIZED.Features:●Adopting ultrasonic technology and time-difference- method●Temperature and pressure compensation●Wide range ratio, high accuracy●Accurate measurement of low flow●No blocking in test channel and low pressure loss●Factory calibration, no need to re-calibration●Customization availableApplications:●Respirator●Anesthetic machineSpecifications:1.Measurement range: 0-40.0 L/min2.Resolution: 0.025 L/min3.Accuracy: 0-6.7 L: ±0.2 L/min; 6.7 L-20 L: ±3% of reading4.Mesaurement media: Air and O2 or mixture of O2 and anesthetic gas5.Gas concentration accuracy: ±3%FS6.Power supply: DC 5 V7.Output: RS232oxygen sensor/flow/concentration/medical oxygen sensor//gas flow /concentration/ purity measurementFast response CO2 sensor fast response carbon dioxide CO2 sensor