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Wuhan Cubic Optoelectronics

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home use spirometer / hand-held home use spirometer / hand-held


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Hand-held Spirometer for Family Use

The spirometer is applied to patients who need lung function measurement. Adopting ultrasonic technology, it is a high-tech product used for pulmonary ventilation function and vital capacity. It is a powerful measurement device for asthma checking, COPD and other respiratory diseases, evaluating lung function of smoker, chronic cough and people with multiple sputum.


FVC(0.5~8) L±3% or ±0.050L (whichever is greater)
PEF(0~14) L/s±10% or ±0.30L/s (whichever is greater)
FEV1 (0.5~8) L±3% or ±0.05L (whichever is greater)

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