flow sensor / oxygen / for the medical industry / ultrasonic
Gasboard7500C Wuhan Cubic Optoelectronics



  • Evaluation type:

    flow, oxygen

  • Applications:

    for the medical industry

  • Other characteristics:



Gasboard7500C is an economical gas sensor used to detect oxygen concentration and gas flow in binary gases. Adopting ultrasonic detecting technology, Gasboard7500C has better performance than electro-chemical and other oxygen sensors. It has function including data display, online monitoring and has been widely used in home and medical oxygen concentrator, large O2 generator, ventilator, etc.Also, we can offer ODM service as per customer’s demand.

●Oxygen concentration and flow measurement
●Cutting-edge ultrasonic technology adopted
●No need of routine calibration
●High accuracy, high stable, low cost
●Long lifespan (>5 years)
●Customization available
●Able to reduce interference

●PSA oxygen generator/ concentrator
●CPAP/ APAP ventilator
●Respiratory devices
●Anesthetic machine

1.Concentration measurement range: 0-100%
2. Flow measurement range: 0-10L/min
3. Accuracy: O2: ±1.8%FS@(10~45)℃;Gas flow: ±0.2L/min@(10~45)℃
4. Resolution: O2: 0.1%; Gas flow: 0.1L/min
5. Response time: 1.5s
6. Working temperature: 10℃-50℃
7. Storage temperature: -20℃-60℃
8. Relative humidity: 5-85%RH(non-condensing)
9. Max Pressure: 150Kpa
10. Power supply: 5V-12VDC;Average and peak current value is influenced by the voltage
11. Dimensions: W70*H33*D18.4mm
12. Weight: 18g
13. Signal output: UART-TTL,Analogue output : analogue output:0-5V
14. Sample gas : no water vapor(no condensing); no dust(<1 μm)