circular stapler / gastrointestinal surgery / disposable / cutting
GYCS -B23(H) Zhejiang Geyi Medical Instrument



  • Type:


  • Applications:

    gastrointestinal surgery

  • Options:

    disposable, cutting


Disposable Circular Staplers

Features: 1. Disposable
2. Suitable for end to end, end to side and side to side anastomosis in the alimentary canal operation, such as esophaugus, stomach, and intestine, etc.

Product Highlights

1.Large housing size, more hanging choose

2.More staples, more effective for stopping bleeding

3.Circumferential blade design, better stability and cutting efforts

4.Frosted nut with wing and the adjustment function, avoid slipping and feeling is more perfect

5.Using new scientific material making the reminder sound more clearly so that the operation is secure

6.Setting minimal anastomosis gap, avoids over pressing and damaging tissue