three-compartment knee prosthesis / mobile-bearing / cemented or non-cemented
Innex®UCOR Zimmer



  • Type:


  • Tibial bearing:


  • Fixation:

    cemented or non-cemented


Product Description
The introduction of the Innex system (Innex stands for “Innovation Nexus Next Generation”) in 2001 was an important step in the understanding of the demanding solutions connected with the endoprosthetic treatment of degenerative diseases of the knee joint.

The System represents the mobile bearing platform and also offers a fixed and revision option. The posterior cruciate ligament can be preserved in the CR version or resected in the CS version of the system.Therefore the articular surface component exists as congruent and ultracongruent design.

Re-establishment of the natural anatomical relationships between the femur, tibia and patella, together with physiological axis alignment, is a decisive factor if patients are to be treated successfully with predictable and reproducible results.

The cementless fixation of the Innex Total Knee System is ensured with the Cancellous Structure Titanium™ (CSTi™) porous coating which has more than 25 years of experience.

Indications: The Innex® Total Knee System is a cruciate retaining (CR) and cruciate resecting (CS) system with mobile and fixed bearing, in cemented and uncemented version. With congruent and ultracongruent option, indicated in non inflammatory degenerative joint disease, e.g., vascular necrosis, osteoarthritis, and arthritis secondary to a variety of diseases and anomalies, failed previous surgery where pain, deformity, or dysfunction persist.