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research reagent kit / for DNA extraction / NGS / for PCR
MagPurix® TB ZP02008 ZINEXTS



  • Applications:

    for research, for DNA extraction, NGS, for PCR, for real-time PCR

  • Tested parameter:

    Mycobacterium tuberculosis

  • Sample type:

    blood, urine, sputum


MagPurix® TB DNA Extraction KitTo extract Mycobacterium tuberculosis DNA from sputum, pulmonary and cultured samples
Zinexts Life Science's MagPurix® TB DNA Extraction Kit contains ail required reagents and consumables for the rapid automated purification of Genomic DNA from different clinical specimens of 200 pL using proven magnetic particle séparation technology. An early diagnosis of M.tuberculosis plays a critical rôle in controlling the spread of the disease. Diagnosis of M.tuberculosis sensitivity by PCR dépends mainly on the quality of the extracted DNA as the lysis of myco-bacterial cell walls is very difficult. The isolated TB DNA of exceptional purity is suitable for PCR and real-time PCR, Genotyping or Sequencing (NGS), oncology or pharmacogenomics research and other typical application analysis. The kit is supposed to be used with the MagPurix® 12 sériés and 24 sériés, allowing purification of different amounts of samples. üp to 12, 24, 48, 72 and even 96amples can be processed in a single run. MagPurix® Extraction Kits are supplied in prefilled reagent cartridges and specially designed plastic consumables.

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