dental laboratory dust suction unit / tabletop



  • Applications:

    for dental laboratories

  • Configuration:



FZ1 VARIOmaster is a extremely flexible concept permit for connection of four vacuum positions, to be controlled through individual modules. It is appropriate for universal use in laboratories and workshops.

The VARIO control system is simultaneously active, maintaining a constant breath volume at all times, regardless of the condition of the filter. Particularly comfortable is its alternative mode of operation, which permit distinct vacuum power levels to be defined for each position connected.

Laboratories in dental offices, or small sized dental laboratories including only one or two technicians, may be capable to cover their requisite for device or work space suction with a single FZ1 VARIOmaster unit.

This robust and high performance suction unit is equally well suited for workspaces and for high dust laboratory equipment. Vacuum positions are supplied as requested by the customer. Vibration cleaned filter cartridge. The vacuum system performs will depend on the quality of the filter material and on the efficiency.