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4 products DDD-Diagnostic
SPECT Gamma camera QUANTUMCAM™ DDD-Diagnostic

The product is an advanced camera which is used for general purpose that does not require much room size to operate. Small sized...

small field Gamma camera (for renal scintigraphy) NEPHROCAM™ DDD-Diagnostic

The product is an ideal device for the flawless radioisotope renography. The design of the camera is done as a workhorse camera in the department of busy nuclear...

mobile small field Gamma camera (for thyroid scintigraphy and mammoscintigraphy) SOLOMOBILE™ DDD-Diagnostic

A series of planar processes like imaging of the sentinel node, multigated cardiac, parathyroid and thyroid gland is assisted by the Solo Mobile. The gantry and detector configuration, which features...

DDD-Diagnostic SOLO™
small field Gamma camera (for thyroid scintigraphy and mammoscintigraphy) SOLO™ DDD-Diagnostic

Solo is a dedicated mobile single-detector system for planar imaging which is versatile, cost-efficient and compact gamma camera system designed for use in hospital environments, outpatient clinics or...

26 products Capintec
small field Gamma camera (for renal scintigraphy) CAPIMAGE™ SFOV Capintec

Streamline your workflow in the lab with CapIMAGE™, a portable, small field-of-view gamma-ray imaging system optimized for pediatric imaging and for visualizing small organs and body parts....

Capintec Captus® 3000 5430-2130/32
mobile Gamma probe (for thyroid uptake scan) Captus® 3000 5430-2130/32 Capintec

The Captus® 3000 new portable device greatly improves maneuverability and portability. The system comes will all of the established Captus® 3000 software modules. The thyroid uptake module ensures...

Capintec Captus® 3000 5430-0076/77
mobile Gamma probe (for thyroid uptake scan) Captus® 3000 5430-0076/77 Capintec

Performing Thyroid Uptake measurements has never been easier. The Captus 3000 Thyroid Uptake System from Capintec combines a software program with the latest PC technology to create a Thyroid Uptake system...

Capintec Captus® 3000 5430-0087
tabletop Gamma probe (for thyroid uptake scan) Captus® 3000 5430-0087 Capintec

The Captus 3000 unit performs thyroid uptake measurements. It combines the latest PC technology with HIPAA compliant software to create a system that is reliable, fast and easy to use. It’s easy...

Capintec Captus ® 700t
mobile Gamma probe (for thyroid uptake scan) Captus ® 700t Capintec

The Captus® 700t Thyroid Uptake System comes with a colour touch screen interface, this makes the process of measuring thyroid uptake quicker and easier. Eu-152 is designed to improve point to point...

Capintec Captus ® 700t
tabletop Gamma probe (for thyroid uptake scan) Captus ® 700t Capintec

An ideal solution for space and budget constraints, this Captus® 700t Tabletop Thyroid Uptake and Well system will perform all of your necessary uptake and well counting tasks. HIPAA compliant software...

1 products Neurologica
Neurologica inSPira HD SPECT
SPECT Gamma camera (for cranial scintigraphy) inSPira HD SPECT Neurologica

The inSPira HD SPECT is designed mainly for brain imaging; the unit is battery powered and features high resolution and...

5 products Gamma Star
Gamma Star
X-ray CT scanner combined with a SPECT gamma camera (for full body tomography) Gamma Star

Diagnostic precision SPECT-CT is helpful for high precise diagnosis and positioning of the image in our tumor treatment center. Conventionally, when the tumor is found, 85% of the patients...

Gamma Star Gyro knife - γ series
focused Gamma rays collimator (for stereotactic radiosurgery) Gyro knife - γ series Gamma Star

The exclusive Gyroscope peak is created in Gyro knife using the gyro rotating 3 focusing technology. It provides a superior dose distribution and corresponding curve in heavy ion radiothereapy and Prague...

Gamma Star GammaStar
focused Gamma rays collimator (for intracranial stereotactic radiosurgery) GammaStar Gamma Star

GammaStar is a new model appearance with open style design. The radiation source of γ ray special radial surgery treatment equipment for head is cobalt . It has high...

Gamma Star Gyro knife - x series
linear particle accelerator and robotized positioning table (for stereotactic radiosurgery) Gyro knife - x series Gamma Star

The gyro knife x series is an automatic respiratory tracking system which uses x-ray produced from the linear accelerator as the radial source. The gyro rotating focus creates a group...

Gamma Star
phototherapy lamp (for aesthetic medicine) Gamma Star

This systematic red light treatment equipment is an assistant method for tumor therapy. It is utilized to enhance the sensitivity for tumor radiotherapy, to improve the fatigue of tumor...

1 products CardiArc
video Spectrum Dynamics D-SPECT
SPECT Gamma camera (for cardiac scintigraphy) D-SPECT Spectrum Dynamics

D-SPECT Camera’s MPI Dose Reduction Capability Yields a Significant Decrease in Radiation Exposure The need to reduce radiation exposure...

2 products Tomey
Tomey TMS-5
Scheimpflug camera TMS-5 Tomey

Device is high-resolution equipment with pachymetry...

Tomey IS-6000
digital slit lamp video camera IS-6000 Tomey

3.5 LCD colour touch screen Digital zoom & 3...

25 products Breukhoven
Breukhoven 3 Mpx | iVu 3100
digital camera for laboratory microscopes 3 Mpx | iVu 3100 Breukhoven

The iVu 3100 streamlines routine imaging and documentation tasks. The iVu 3100 is a 3 Megapixel digital solution that boasts one of the fastest frame rates in its class, a high definition image, and...

Breukhoven 5 Mpx | iVu 5100
digital camera for laboratory microscopes 5 Mpx | iVu 5100 Breukhoven

The super resolution iVu 5100 is a 5 Megapixel hi-defintion CMOS solution that boasts one of the fastest frame rates in its class, unparalleled accuracy in color reproduction, and superb contrast. This...

Breukhoven 7 Mpx | iVu 7000
digital camera for laboratory microscopes 7 Mpx | iVu 7000 Breukhoven

The iVu7000 is the perfect tool for research. The device is designed to provide superb results thus promoting ease of operation, super resolution and excellent color reproduction. The iVu 7000 camera...

Breukhoven 12.5 Mpx | iVu 1250
cooled digital camera for laboratory microscopes (CCD) 12.5 Mpx | iVu 1250 Breukhoven

IVu 1250 12.5MP digital camera module Precision to the Detail Where smallest structures have to be reproduced in full detail, the microscope camera iVu 1250 with 12.5 megapixel capability provides excellent...

Breukhoven 3 Mpx | BMS EcoCam III
digital camera for laboratory microscopes (CMOS) 3 Mpx | BMS EcoCam III Breukhoven

BMS EcoCam III represents the new standard for video cameras. Universal camera with flexible gooseneck which you can use to show images on your TV/beamer or PC. This can be done simultaneously. This...

Breukhoven 76369
USB camera for laboratory microscopes (VGA) 76369 Breukhoven

The analog camera is very useful for microscope. But it can only display the video on the monitor with low resolution large noise and bad quality. Now you have another choice, the BMS USB and VGA camera. BMS...

1 products Castellini
Castellini C-U2 PRO
intra-oral video camera C-U2 PRO Castellini

The C-U2 PRO dental camera is used for oral cavity. It offers three separate focal adjustments for taking...

2 products STERN WEBER
intra-oral video camera C-U2 STERN WEBER

C-U2 is an intramural camera, which operates with MyRay technology. The patient is able to communicate in all the stages of the treatment through image with the help of the device. It is a user-friendly...

intra-oral video camera C-U2 PRO STERN WEBER

C-U2 PRO is a digital intraoral camera that provides superior quality of sophisticated images without any dispute. It features three different focal lengths. Progressive Scan technology is there to emphasize...

4 products MAQUET
operating theatre camera SATELITE MAQUET

Maquet Satelite system has been designed to keep cables and equipment above the floor by creating...

high-definition operating theatre camera ORCHIDE 3D HD MAQUET

The ORCHIDE 3D takes surgical visualization to the next level as the video camera...

operating theatre camera ORCHIS MAQUET

As an aid to the surgical team,...

8 products Kowa Optimed
Kowa Optimed VX-20
mydriatic and non-mydriatic fundus camera (for fundus autofluorescence) VX-20 Kowa Optimed

The VX-20 features mydriatic and non-mydriatic operation and come equipped with an auto fluorescence...

Kowa Optimed WX3C
non-mydriatic fundus camera WX3C Kowa Optimed

The product takes stereo images in one shot. The...

Kowa Optimed NONMYD α-DIII / VK-2
non-mydriatic fundus camera NONMYD α-DIII / VK-2 Kowa Optimed

Kowa offers a high performance ophthalmic digital imaging system. The system becomes a necessary tool for present practitioner as it is incorporated with the most sophisticated mechanism and systems technology....

Kowa Optimed NONMYD 7 / VK-2
non-mydriatic fundus camera NONMYD 7 / VK-2 Kowa Optimed

Kowa’s nonmyd7/ VK-2 caters to the needs of the clinical community by releasing a state-of-the-art camera...

Kowa Optimed GENESIS D
hand-held mydriatic fundus camera (for fluorescence angiography) GENESIS D Kowa Optimed

Kowa’s GENESIS-Df hand-held retinal camera for color and FA photography has proved to be a boon for clinic professionals. The product is small and lightweight and has features like 2 mega-pixel imaging...

Kowa Optimed GENESIS DF
hand-held mydriatic fundus camera (for fluorescence angiography) GENESIS DF Kowa Optimed

The special features included are in any position or location photographs can...

4 products CANON USA
mydriatic and non-mydriatic fundus camera (for fundus autofluorescence) CX-1 CANON USA

This is known to be a CX-1 Hybrid Digital Mydriatic/Non-Mydriatic...

mydriatic fundus camera (for fundus autofluorescence) CF-1 CANON USA

The CF-1 Digital Mydriatic Retinal Camera makes the physician and photographer efficient. The retinal camera is also easy to use. When utilized together...

non-mydriatic fundus camera CR-2 CANON USA

This is known to be a Canon CR-2 Digital Non-Mydriatic Retinal Camera that is featured with Canon retinal imaging technology and is available in an extremely...

non-mydriatic fundus camera (for fluorescence angiography) CR-2 PLUS AF CANON USA

The Canon CR-2 PLUS AF Digital Non-Mydriatic Retinal Camera provides Color and Fundus Autofluorescence (FAF) imaging within a small compact design. Features include Auto-Fundus,...

2 products Rudolf Riester
new Rudolf Riester  ri-screen
digital video camera for multipurpose diagnostic (otoscope, dermatoscope and ophthalmoscope) ri-screen Rudolf Riester

MULTIPURPOSE DIGITAL, WIRELESS IMAGING DEVICE ri-screen is a digital medical camera system with a full range of lenses for ophthalmoscopic, otoscopic,...

Rudolf Riester  ri-cam, ri-capture, ri-view
camera head with video processor for endoscopes ri-cam, ri-capture, ri-view Rudolf Riester

Ri-cam consists of compact and easy to handle“CD camera system. An extraordinary image quality becomes possible with the integrated electronic of the camera head. The ergonomic camera head and TV adapter...

10 products Heine
camera adapter for dermatoscopes Heine

SLR Photo adaptor is an important accessory for the DELTA 20 Dermatoscopse/...

video Heine HEINE® 3S A-CAM
LED headlight with video camera HEINE® 3S A-CAM Heine

Headlights HEINE 3S LED HeadLight® with A-Cam Video Camera is an Ultra-bright 3SLED HeadLight, which is designed for powerful and coaxial illumination. The camera is of CCD 470,000 Pixel and 460...

video Heine HEINE GAMMA G7®
hand-held aneroid sphygmomanometer HEINE GAMMA G7® Heine

HEINE GAMMA G7® is a Manometer that is pressure proof and is known to be made up of aluminium alloy. It is reliable and durable and includes the facility of micro-filter. It is resistant to shock...

hand-held aneroid sphygmomanometer HEINE GAMMA G5® Heine

The HEINE GAMMA G5® is a standard sphygmomanometer that has the features and design of the...

hand-held aneroid sphygmomanometer HEINE GAMMA GP® Heine

The Heine Gamma GP is a sphygmomanometer that uses a push-button valve with a simple design....

clock-face aneroid sphygmomanometer HEINE GAMMA® XXL LF Heine

The product, HEINE GAMMA XXL LF® comes without mercury to make it secure and environment friendly device. This professional device is latex free and made up of polycarbonate which makes it long lasting....

video DÜRR DENTAL AG   VistaCam iX
intra-oral video camera VistaCam iX DÜRR DENTAL AG

Thanks to the innovative interchangeable head, five options are immediately available: Cam interchangeable...

video DÜRR DENTAL AG   VistaCam
intra-oral video camera VistaCam DÜRR DENTAL AG

The VistaCam Digital has an all-round operating sensor which enables the best possible use of the Still/Live and Save functions in all possible imaging situations....

intra-oral video camera VistaCam CL.iX DÜRR DENTAL AG

Cables, foot switches and stationary devices slow down day-to-day work in the surgery. The VistaCam CL.iX sets new standards here when it comes to mobility and flexibilty....

2 products Kavo
Kavo GXC-300
intra-oral video camera with LED light GXC-300 Kavo

GXC-300 from Gendex is an intra oral camera for patient education which enables simplified dental imaging...

intra-oral video camera with LED light ERGOCAM Kavo

The convenient, innovative and compact Intra-oral video camera works as a wonder being sufficiently maneuverable and light even when the space...

1 products OWANDY S.A.S.
OWANDY S.A.S.   OwandyCam
intra-oral video camera with LED light OwandyCam OWANDY S.A.S.

OwandyCam is easy to integrate in operating room. That is why it also stays within reach of users. Because of the docking station and...

intra-oral camera USBCam4 SCHICK TECHNOLOGIES,INC.

Expert portability with the advanced imaging technology is the key concern of the device, USBCam4. It is a lightweight and has multiple mounting options that offer simple transference...

3 products Elekta
focused Gamma rays collimator (for stereotactic radiosurgery) LEKSELL GAMMA KNIFE® PERFEXION™ Elekta

Stereotactic radiosurgery system from Perfexion™ organize the work flow with perfection and enlarge the treatable volume with help of automatically operated, multi-source collimator. It offers quicker...

focused Gamma rays collimator (for intracranial stereotactic radiosurgery) LEKSELL GAMMA KNIFE® 4C Elekta

Designed for intracranial stereotactic radiosurgery, the Leksell Gamma Knife 4C is a comprehensive system that meets the highest standards of economy...

focused Gamma rays collimator (for intracranial stereotactic radiosurgery) LEKSELL GAMMA KNIFE® 4 Elekta

The Leksell Gamma Knife 4 is the basic offering of Gamma Knife® surgery, but still delivers exceptional clinical effectiveness. The delivers...

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