Who we are

The CISA brand has been recognized for its top class research and development, design, engineering, production and sale of complete sterilization systems for more than 60 years.

As part of its core business, CISA offers complete supply chain managed systems for the decontamination of surgical instruments for small, medium and large central sterile service departments.

CISA is a world leader in infection control – offering the best of Italian technology in this important field. Being a leader in this market means more than supplying a range of products capable of satisfying all the customer’s needs. It is also about supporting the customer in defining the best approach to infection control, about education, and about the ability to provide turnkey solutions. It means innovating while renewing and adapting our knowledge in the fast-paced environment of infection control. It means being there for our customers as they meet new challenges every day.

The central sterilizing service department (CSSD), whether for a larger hospital or smaller specialised unit, is CISA’s natural habitat and right at the core of its activities: Providing the technology and know-how for efficiency, effectiveness and traceability.

Our values


La nostra mission è raggiungere costantemente una leadership globale nel campo del controllo delle infezioni.


Crediamo che il controllo delle infezioni sia la massima priorità per il settore sanitario e farmaceutico. 
Il nostro impegno è volto a generare un ambiente migliore e più sicuro negli ospedali, nei laboratori e nelle industrie farmaceutiche.


Lavoriamo in un clima di rispetto reciproco, con i nostri clienti e gli operatori sanitari.

Our presence around the world