Nasiff Associates

Who we are

A medical technology company committed to providing PC solutions to healthcare professionals by developing and manufacturing medical diagnostic devices.

Our values

The Nasiff Advantage

      Us here at Nasiff understand the size and volume of the problem that is heart disease. More people die from heart disease than any other disease known. Because of the number of fatalities that are due to heart disease the ECG is the most reimbursed test because it does such a great job at finding early signs of heart disease. Because of this basic understanding of the problem that is heart disease, Dr. Nasiff has developed the very best diagnostic tools that have ever been seen in the industry.
     Many competitors claim to have high levels of diagnostic and emergency capabilities but the products that are included in the Nasiff line not only have much greater capabilities then competitors products, but continuously improve and become better along with the industrys best training that Nasiff provides to its customers.
     Nasiff offers the best products for the best possible price. We aim to be nothing but the best in what we do any thing possible to be better every day.
     Our products are pc based, giving them unlimited potential with unlimited database sized, customization, and work ability. Standalone systems breakdown and when they do you cannot do anything with them, where as with Nasiff devices if a pc breaks down you always for instance have you ECG or Holter device to just switch over to a different pc.