Top Quality Group

Who we are

Top Quality Group is a leader company in this sector: it designs, produces and promotes leading-edge technologies for non-invasive aesthetic medicine.
Dynamic and in continuous growth, both in Italy and abroad, TQG pursues as its aim to supply high quality products, oriented to the full client satisfaction. With this purpose TQG proposes the most upgraded and innovative technologies in aesthetic medicine field, and supplies a wide range of before/ after-sales services, including internal maintenance.
Unique business strategy, professional training supported by high level scientific consultants, represent a concrete demonstration of the quality researched by the company.

Our values

Our goals, in every project, are focused on the development of solutions and methods to grant the best result with the minimum factor of invasiveness and pain.

We believe that the natural beauty inside every user of our device needs only to be shaped by the synergy of many factors: science, technology applied, large experience, inventive, passion and care.

We create the prime conditions to grant these factors inside our technologies: our customers will be surrounded by our solutions and will obtain the expected results.