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wall-mounted laptop support arm / medical / articulated
wall-mounted laptop support arm
Special Designs

From simple modifications to completely new concepts, STRONGARM has the experience to design and manufacture the ideal operator interface to suit your application. Contact us today to discuss your special order. MightyMount with Laptop Tray

3D viewing software / 3D simulation / orthodontic / for dental restorations
3D viewing software

HiRes3D is equipped with a professional and multi-functional dental software – SmartV. The interface and operation mode of the software have been optimized and improved greatly for users’ convenience. Moreover, SmartV can be customized ...

medical device galvanic isolator
medical device galvanic isolator

WERTH SYSTEMS MLI-6015 network isolators withstand 6000 VAC for one minute and support speeds of up to 1 Gigabit / s. The MLI-6000 is IEC/UL 60601-1 3.1 Edtion certified and has 5 years warranty. WERTH SYSTEMS MLI-6015 Network Isolators The ...

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Werth Systems GmbH
planning software / patient data management / appointment management / visualization
planning software
VisionHM RPM

Hospital activity The activity of a hospital and the quality of care dispensed depend on good operational planning starting with good horizontal communication between services. The best provisional activity planning is based on its operational ...

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analysis software / data management / patient data management / for archiving
analysis software
VisionHM RPM Supervisor

OnHM RPM Supervisor The description of a hospital stay for VisionHM RPM Supervisor is the set of consultations, examinations or other medical procedures that ensure the recovery and well-being of the patient. VisionHM RPM Supervisor ...

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patient report management software / reporting / for archiving / digital dictation
patient report management software
VisionHM RPM Report

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wireless insulin pump
wireless insulin pump

Designed with wireless capabilities and waterproof, the Pod delivers insulin without the need for tubing and shots and in a discreet manner. The Pod renders insulin according to your customized settings and anywhere even when you swim ...

management software / traceability / blood bank
management software

Simple and intuitive software Fully customizable to suit your needs Advanced search system Alert for outdated tubes in the serum bank Traceability of all actions performed Identification and geolocation of each tube Options: real-time ...

wireless blood glucose meter / veterinary
wireless blood glucose meter

Clinical specimen whole blood How to use Draw blood with a blood collection tube and simply measure blood sugar level with a blood sugar measuring device

medical monitor / high-definition / 19
medical monitor

The OPERION is a professional monitor designed as a wall module. The system can be supplemented with a computer module, and then becomes a full medical workstation for RIS, HIS, PACS etc. Only hardware for industrial applications is ...

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Rein Medical GmbH
video recorder with touchscreen / with DICOM file conversion
video recorder with touchscreen
IBox Touch

Funtions Intuitive User Interface - Operating via 7” Touch display - Scroll patient worklist with your finger - Live image preview - Image capture using finger tip, foot switch or endoscope knob - Review and delete ...

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meso international
management software / control / evaluation / traceability
management software
HTA Autosampler Manager

HTA Autosampler Manager HTA Autosampler Manager is the software dedicated to managing our autosampler range. It allows to perform almost all operative tasks that are available from autosampler touch screen or keypad such as creation ...

recording software / tracking / for behavioral research
recording software

Behavioural Tracking Software - The most advanced behavioural tracking software on the market. It allows for tracking in any type of enclosure from water mazes to Fear Conditioning Chambers. Tracking in ANY-maze requires no special ...

visualization web application / diagnostic / sharing / analysis
visualization web application

Innovative "Wireless ECG" solution designed exclusively for Tablets / Smartphones, allows ECG anytime, anywhere. Acquiring and sending an ECG has never been so easy and accessible! FEATURES: • iOS, Android & Windows Compatible • ...

analysis software / management / reporting / diagnostic
analysis software
ECG NM 700

Norav Medical’s Rehabilitation ECG System provides complete telemetry surveillance in an advanced and compact device. Optimal for cardiac and pulmonary rehab, the system offers 3, 6 or 12 lead high-quality Telemetry ECG at an affordable ...

analysis software / recording / for cardiac Holter monitors
analysis software

The NH-301 Holter ECG Software offer a complete and intuitive analysis. • Intuitive best in class editing tools • 24 to 336 hours (14 days) recording • 2, 3, or 12 Leads • QT and Long QT Analysis • Heart Rate Variability Analysis • HL7

iOS management application / monitoring / control / reporting
iOS management application

MyFoodCheck mobile app for HACCP controls The MyFoodCheck mobile app is dedicated to temperature control operations imposed by HACCP procedures Myfoodcheck simplifies the temperature measurement operations performed by the Bluetherm ...

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monitoring web application / management / for temperature dataloggers
monitoring web application

JRI MySirius Temperature and other Parameters Monitoring Web Platform Management and monitoring web platform for wireless temperature data loggers Nano SPY and LoRa SPY The JRI MySirius application allows fully customizable management ...

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monitoring web application / for archiving / for temperature dataloggers
monitoring web application
Sirius Mobility

Sirius Mobility Temperature and Humidity Monitoring Web Platform SIRIUS Mobility is a web platform for monitoring in real time the GPS temperature data logger SPY Mobility During the transportation of your products, SIRIUSmobility web ...

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DICOM file intelligent cloud solutions
DICOM file intelligent cloud solutions
ORCA® Share

Easy viewing and sharing of images with the DICOM cloud - any time and any place Today’s high data transmission rates make remotely-hosted services on single servers as well as on collections of servers increasingly attractive. The applications ...

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OR Technology - Oehm und Rehbein
planning software module / medical imaging / orthopedic surgery
planning software module
dicomPACS® Prosthesis

Pre-operative planning with the prosthesis documentation module The dicomPACS® prosthesis documentation module allows you to plan and/or document operations. There are two ways to plan an operation with prosthesis templates: Planning ...

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OR Technology - Oehm und Rehbein
planning software module / orthopedic surgery / veterinary
planning software module
dicomPACS® vet Prosthesis

Pre-operative planning with the prosthesis documentation module The dicomPACS®vet prosthesis documentation module allows you to plan and/or document operations. There are two ways to plan an operation with prosthesis templates: Planning ...

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OR Technology - Oehm und Rehbein
process controller / digital / with screen
process controller

data management software / reporting / transcription / validation
data management software

ePlex improves order-to-report turnaround time, reduces labor costs, and eliminates potential transcription errors with industry leading bi-directional LIS capabilities. ePlex utilizes hospital standard messaging protocols allowing for ...

security software / laboratory / server
security software

GenMark is committed to being your Long Term Partner and helping you provide the best service to your institution and patients. Not only can you reach our industry leading Technical Support Team 24/7, but they can also reach directly ...

control software / post-processing / data analysis / cardiovascular
control software

ecgAUTO post-processing software allows fast analysis of cardiovascular, pulmonary (lung volume) and neurological data, with full user control. With ecgAUTO software, it only takes a few minutes to analyze 24hr of dog ECG recording! It ...

import software / interpretation / for PCR / laboratory
import software
BioVisor© RT

BioVisor RT software facilitates the interpretation of the results obtained with RealType products for the study of point mutations through genotyping tests by Real-time PCR. BioVisor RT imports the fluorescence data from the PCR equipment ...

analysis software / management / monitoring / import
analysis software
BioVisor© RC

Support software for RealCycler products The BioVisor RC software facilitates the interpretation of the results obtained with RealCycler products for the detection and quantification of pathogens. The BioVisor RC imports the fluorescence ...

analysis software / measurement / interpretation / laboratory
analysis software

Analysis Software Automated analysis and reporting User friendly software solutions are designed to perform the detection, measurement and interpretation of hybridization signals on combed DNA in a streamlined, informatics process. ...

control software / tracking / for microplate readers / laboratory
control software

PrimaController®II is the result of many years of research and development and is designed to facilitate the access to the automation to everyone. PrimaController®II is the brain of your platform. REALISTIC AND INTERACTIVE VIEW SoftwareVirualDeck Do ...

laboratory controller / temperature / digital
laboratory controller

Unit of measure: ea Description: Select for use if samples are easy to digest and require one temperature set-point. Auto shut down at end of time programming. Works with DigiSET for evaporation methods. Works with all DigiPREP blocks. Displays ...

laboratory controller / temperature / digital / with touchscreen
laboratory controller

010-500-275 Unit of measure: ea Description: · Provides temperature control for DigiPREP heating system · Colour monitor with real time graphing of heating sequence · 12 Storable methods · Each method provides ...

capture software / traceability / laboratory / laboratory
capture software

The most user-friendly Notebook in the industry Unprecedented adoption Built to be as usable as consumer software, Notebook increases user adoption by 90% when replacing legacy ELNs. Improve productivity and data integrity Directly ...

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recording software / sharing / design / for molecular biology
recording software

The first complete molecular biology suite built within a platform 10+ tools in one collaborative environment Track all of your sequence edits through a complete version history. Work together with shared libraries to eliminate duplicate ...

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tracking software / modeling / for molecular biology / laboratory
tracking software

Build a digital infrastructure for your life science Sequence-level intelligence about large molecules When registering DNA and protein constructs, Registry automatically identifies, registers, and interconnects their components. ...

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analysis software / visualization / treatment / evaluation
analysis software

SOPHiA AI leverages statistical inference, pattern recognition and machine learning to maximize the value of genomics and radiomics data. Our deep experience in life science technologies and exposure to millions of diverse and complex ...

appointment management iOS application / planning / dental / for smartphones
appointment management iOS application

Your Agenda always synchronized withyour Practice. Check your appointments, wherever and whenever you want. MyAgenda is your daily and weekly web organizer, available on smartphone, tablet and any kind of device with a web browser and ...

training software / dental
training software
OrisEduco 3

The OrisEduco3 HD is brand new software technology which is utilized to communicate with patients in the waiting rooms. This is achieved by way of images and videos in high definition being displayed on screens of the latest generation. ...

iOS training application / dental / for tablet PC
iOS training application

iEduco is born from the experience of OrisEDUCO2 . It is the new revolutionary system for an iPad or an iPhone. iEduco is developed for the visual communication and for patient education on PC. This product that shows the patient’s various ...

genetic software / data analysis / visualization / import
genetic software

Simple software workflow for your complex single-cell clonal analysis Tapestri Pipeline Step 1: Input your data Generate variant calls from single-cell sequencing data Tapestri Insights Step 2: Explore your subclones Identify ...