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orthodontic software / data management / treatment / billing
orthodontic software
CS OrthoTrac

... help orthodontists build and maintain a productive practice. Using automated tools to track appointments, manage billing information, and document correspondence with patients, the software makes it ...

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Carestream Dental
security software / hospital / automated
security software

... assure compliance of your expanding healthcare enterprise with less effort, lower cost and complete confidence. This fully automated and secure system guarantees consistent image quality and uptime for all PACS display ...

quality control software / diagnostic / test / hospital
quality control software

Effortless compliance with the new DIN 6868-157 standard Barco's MediCal QAWeb for DIN 6868-157 Automated compliance with DIN 6868-157 Incredibly easy and very user friendly Complete but compact reports Designed ...

CAD software / for dental prosthesis design / CAM / automated
CAD software
Planmeca PlanCAD

Our open dental design software Planmeca PlanCAD® Easy has been created especially for dentists. It is an ideal tool for sophisticated 3D design and planning at a clinic. The software is intuitive and ...

medical imaging software / acquisition / automated
medical imaging software

Tomosynthesis - making the invisible visible. New version provides enhanced clinical versatility. Tomosynthesis is a proven X-ray imaging technology for higher precision diagnoses. In a simple and quick workflow, and at a low exposure ...

image analysis software / laboratory / control / traceability
image analysis software
ImageQuant TL 8.1

ImageQuant TL is the most automatic and easy-to-use general image analysis software. Replaced with ImageQuant TL 8.2 ImageQuant TL is the most automatic and easy-to-use general ...

digital microscope software / for life sciences applications / for molecular biology / image analysis
digital microscope software
Imaris Single Full

... and flexibility of all Imaris functionalities at your fingertips. Visualization of complex 3/4D microscopy datasets with automated Spots and Surfaces detection and visualisation (100s of GBs), smart detection of complex ...

digital microscope software / for research / neurological / analysis
digital microscope software
Imaris Neuroscientists

... disciplines. Imaris enriches advanced 3D/4D visualization and analysis methods with Filament Tracer - best in class software for an automated detection of neurons including spines and other filamentous ...

digital microscope software / image enhancement / automated
digital microscope software
Imaris Stitcher

... Features Imaris Stitcher is designed with an intuitive and user-friendly interface. Simply load tiles for stitching and the software will automatically detect stage coordinates for every tile. If the position data is ...

polysomnography software / analysis / control / monitoring
polysomnography software

Variety of sleep lab environments Polysmith software is used in a variety of sleep lab environments and provides a comprehensive approach to studying your patients. From easy to use scoring and recording tools to convenient ...

laboratory software / analysis / management / reporting
laboratory software

LabX® software brings power to your lab bench with automated data handling, high process security and full SOP user guidance. Moreoever, LabX can be connected to different laboratory instruments, which ...

cardiac software / CPR / management / automated
cardiac software

... is essential, and the AutoPulse® Resuscitation System automates your CPR when you need it most. High-Quality Support Automated CPR with the AutoPulse can calm some of the chaos that surrounds a cardiac arrest, providing ...

diagnostic software / measurement / evaluation / laboratory
diagnostic software

•Automatic calculation of CSF/serum quotients from pathogen-specific antibody, albumin and total IgA/G/M concentrations •No time-consuming manual data transfer necessary – bidirectional data communication between EUROIMMUN Analyzer / ...

clinical software / for digital microscopes / FISH / CISH
clinical software
GFP-99-CPT0001-SYS GenASIs Capture & Analysis Platform

GenASIs Capture & Analysis Platform: Inclusive of High Performance PC / Windows 7 OS/ High Resolution Digital B/W or Color CCD Camera / Single User Software License of ASI Database (CDM) Product Description GenASIs ...

laboratory software / data management / medication management / control
laboratory software
Wiegand AutoInventory

... our intelligent software and the appropriate interface to your system, AutoInventory enables you to have a completely autonomous ordering process. The advantages of AutoInventory at a glance: • Significant relief ...

analysis software / management / hospital / operating room
analysis software
Wiegand Kanban

Patient data, prescriptions and therapy development are visible just as quickly as the list of all available drugs. The software supports the printing of labels for MediDispensers, orders and medication sheets. It is easy to install.

analysis software / reporting / control / calibration
analysis software

Controls different models of dissolution testing systems from manual to fully automated. User-friendly method setup, results reporting, and system control of individual modules Real-time data collection in percent ...

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visualization software / for equipment control / validation / automated
visualization software

... unique program for developing and running time-based experiments. It allows one to easily create protocols for completely automated experiments. MAIN MAT BENEFITS Easy to use: Simple ”drag and drop” graphic interface. Adapted ...

ECG software / cardiology / for telemedicine / telecollaboration
ECG software

... devices. Versatile and scalable, Web-interface software can easily be integrated within hospitals, clinics, or private networks. Our ECG devices CarioMobile and TeleCardio send ECG to this cloud software.

cell imaging software / image analysis / acquisition / automated
cell imaging software
Automated Organoid Counter

... reusable glass hemocytometer. No consumables required • - Precise - software allows for data gating and image selection for statistical analysis The Organoid Counting software can analyze a single image ...

DICOM software / recording / for archiving / printing
DICOM software
Med Burner

... burn one or several CD’s at a time. Only one click is needed to burn the CD with the embedded DICOM viewer. The monitoring software displays the list of exams with their status: not burnt, burning in progress, burnt. ...

medical imaging software / printing / for radiology services / for veterinary clinics
medical imaging software

Easy Connection: ▪ Runs on any Windows computer ▪ Run the server within 5 minutes ▪ Connection to any modality with no limitation ▪ Add unlimited modalities Printing capabilities ▪ Print medical images on any layout(A4, A3, ...

personal records software / universal / telecollaboration / management
personal records software

Ekanban® is a logistics management system based on barcoding and mobile software that ensures full real-time visibility of your stock for every storage area in the hospital. Scan the supplier barcode to immediately ...

clinical software / laboratory / analysis / data management
clinical software

... Hospitals (HIS), has flexible architecture, 24/7 support, Traceability and Reliability. Interfaces for various analyzers, with automated processes with barcode and 100% auditable. Developed to work in different situations ...

blood bank software / data management / for blood transfusion centers / automated
blood bank software

... Blood Centers, has flexible architecture, 24/7 support, Traceability and Reliability. Interfaces for various analyzers, with automated processes with barcode and 100% auditable. Developed to work in different situations ...

laboratory software / veterinary / for veterinary clinics / analysis
laboratory software

... Laboratories (LIS), has flexible architecture, 24/7 support, Traceability and Reliability. Interfaces for various analyzers, with automated processes with barcode and 100% auditable. Developed to work in different situations ...

ultrasound imaging software / image analysis / management / visualization
ultrasound imaging software

Automated thyroid nodule recognition Patented technologies to quantify and visualize sonographic features Image calibration compatible with all ultrasound systems Automated report generation Effective ...

ultrasound imaging software / gynecology / image analysis / patient data management
ultrasound imaging software
Amolab Suite

... requiring a medical intervention. Amolab Suite is a user-friendly software application dedicated to the automatic monitoring of childbirth labor progression through the combined elaboration of ultrasound ...

image analysis software / for ultrasound imaging / management / control
image analysis software

MULTIWAVE MultiWave installed on SensUS (SensUS Touch or SensUS View) provide advanced functionality with the simplicity and reliability requested by clinicians. MultiWave is an intuitive user interface with user-friendly command ...

DICOM file software / for medical displays / for PACS / for orthopedic imaging
DICOM file software
mediCAD 2D

... GmbH releases the new version of its mediCAD® digital planning program. The new version contains numerous expansions developed in response to suggestions from orthopedic surgeons. mediCAD is a medical software ...

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mediCAD Hectec GmbH
CT software / clinical / for DICOM files / for traumatology
CT software
mediCAD HIP 3D

... and 2D view - Segmenting of the 3D object - Simple analysis of the current pathological situation - Precise, simple and automatic measurement processes - Simple selection and positioning of implants - Range of Motion ...

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mediCAD Hectec GmbH
clinical software / CT / for DICOM files / for PACS
clinical software
mediCAD Spine 3D

... Spine 3D an indispensable tool for your day-to-day work. The key features of the software are: - Automatic segmentation - Hybrid planning in 2D and 3D - Osteotomies - Automated measurements - ...

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mediCAD Hectec GmbH
dental imaging software / image capture / automated
dental imaging software
OpticalRevEng Dental 3.0

... kind of CAD or production machine. » User-friendly and intuitive interface » Automatic alignment of the elements » Modular and expandable software » The software is available ...

laboratory software / analysis / measurement / interpretation
laboratory software

Analysis Software Automated analysis and reporting User friendly software solutions are designed to perform the detection, measurement and interpretation of hybridization signals ...

dental software / CAD / CAM / for prosthesis manufacturing
dental software

... machines.Furthermore, iCAM V5 includes essential features, such as the fully automated placement of blanks, dynamic height optimization, partial orcomplete separation of retaining bars, automatic creation ...

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