Bariatric beds

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bariatric bed / medical / hospital / electric
bariatric bed

The aurum bariatric bed is a hospital bed that has been designed specifically for size and strength. The width adjustment feature on this unique bariatric hospital ...

medical bed / manual / electric / height-adjustable
medical bed
Netti Bed

... who cannot use a standard wheelchair Netti Bed is designed for easy transfer and position change for people who can not use a standard seat assembly. Netti Bed (manual) is built on the Netti chassis, ...

medical bed / electric / height-adjustable / bariatric
medical bed

... up to 320 kg. The bed offers feet/trunk fowler. Fowler movements and height increase are electrically commanded through a wire remote control. Removable head and foot bows, in thermoplastic material, covered by decorative ...

verticalization bed / medical / hospital / electric
verticalization bed
1000 lb. | TLBB

... anticipated Total Lift Bed Bariatric is now available in the U.S. Many of the concerns in patient care that the Total lift bed addressed are magnified when caring for bariatric ...

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