Curved forceps

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lingual arch placement pliers / curved
lingual arch placement pliers
SD 155

Other Pliers / SD 155 Lingual Arch Placing Curved - For 0,9 mm wire - Stable grip - Lower risk of injury - Rounded corners - Our pulling force acts in the line of the tube

laparoscopic forceps / dissection / Maryland / monopolar
laparoscopic forceps

Length: 230 mm

3mm instruments with double action jaws and ergonomic handle design. Features and Benefits Wide opening angle of all jaws Exceptional shaft strength and rigidity 360° finger-tip rotation for precise control of tip orientation Low-protruding ...

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dental pliers / curved
dental pliers

Curved Micro Pliers (C7) Product Code: 500061 The Bioclear Curved Micro Pliers are used for matrix placement and adaptation in both anterior and posterior restorations.

dental forceps / surgical / Kelly / stainless steel
dental forceps

Length: 5.5 in

Kelly Hemostat measures 5.5" in length. Straight and curved beaks are serrated for optimal grip. Made in Germany. 100% stainless steel.

surgical forceps / Friedman / rongeur / curved
surgical forceps

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A. Schweickhardt
dental tweezers / Meriam / curved / stainless steel
dental tweezers

Length: 16 cm

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orthodontic tweezers / bracket holder / curved
orthodontic tweezers
HSC 504-13

Length: 130 mm

HSC 504-13, Bracket placing tweezers 130 mm (5 1/8 inch), double angled, crossed

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Karl Hammacher GmbH
endodontic forceps / diamond-coated / curved
endodontic forceps

DESCRIPTION Steiglitz Style Endodontic Forceps for retrieving separated files and silver points. Will not splay or slip when only a minimal purchase point is available. East/West angulations address the mesio-distalchamber ...

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Laschal Surgical, Inc.
veterinary forceps / ophthalmic surgery / Halstead-Mosquito / hemostatic
veterinary forceps

Length: 12.5 cm

Halstead-Mosquito, haemostatic forceps, curved, 12,5 cm

surgical forceps / Magill / curved
surgical forceps

Length: 17, 20, 25 cm

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Dewimed Medizintechnik
laparoscopic forceps / grasping / suture / Maryland
laparoscopic forceps
3351, 3352

Length: 18.8 mm

Working Tip Length is 18.8mm (0.74 inches) Gentle curve with tapered, serrated jaws. Effective for suture grasping and knot tying.

dental tweezers / holding / autoclavable / curved
dental tweezers

Success will not be achieved without your Classic Tweezers. Its cross section ensures secure grip and full control on the handling of different items, like posts, paper-points, articulating paper or cotton rolls while firmly staying in ...

curved forceps / stainless steel
curved forceps

hemostatic forceps / dental / Halstead-Mosquito / straight
hemostatic forceps

Length: 5 in


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coagulation forceps / bipolar / bayonet / non-stick
coagulation forceps
Gerald, Scoville-Greenwood

Length: 19.1, 19.7, 17.2 cm

provides the surgeon with common design style of coagulation forceps. Straight and curved patterns are available in traditional stainless steel mirror finish (non-stick tips) or silver alloy (non glare ...

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Stingray Surgical Products
veterinary surgery forceps / grasping / Mosquito / stainless steel
veterinary surgery forceps

Length: 5 cm

Surgical grade 420A European stainless steel is where we start. These delicate hemostats are then ground and polished to perfection. Each one is set that when the ratchets begin to touch, the tips also begin to touch. This assures a smooth ...

ENT forceps / curved
ENT forceps

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Maxer Endoscopy
cotton forceps / curved
cotton forceps
RU 3893-26

Length: 26 cm

Cotton Swab Forceps, BOZEMANN-DOUGLAS, s-curved, curved, 26 cm 10¼" Item no.RU 3893-26 ManufacturerRUDOLF

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Rudolf Medical
coagulation forceps / laparoscopic / dissection / monopolar
coagulation forceps

Length: 1,650 mm

... reverse handle for the best ergonomic performance, a rotatable flexible shaft that allows for exact alignment of the tip, a curved grasper that is made for precise tissue targeting, and sharp teeth that allow for secure grasping.

laparoscopic forceps / dissection / Maryland / disposable
laparoscopic forceps

Length: 33 cm

Laparoscopic MarylandThis can be known as curved dissector, petelin or endodissect. This product is non-ratcheted.

Mosquito forceps / disposable / curved
Mosquito forceps

Length: 13 cm

Delivering excellence in healthcare The Steri-pod Group can now supply you with a range of single use sterile instruments made from high quality stainless steel. We understand your requirements for quality instruments, with ease of ...

surgical forceps / dissection / monopolar / disposable
surgical forceps

FEATURES Ergonomic handle for better comfort and control 360 degrees finger wheel rotation for simple, price jaw alignment Right-angle cable post ensures minimal torque and increased urgeon comfort and control Convenient, ...

orthodontic tweezers / bracket holder / curved
orthodontic tweezers

Brackets tweezer multi-functional Item No.: FD04-01 used for both anterior and posterior teeth with adhesive removing head. It is suitable to remove extra adhesives.

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Hangzhou Yahong Medical Apparatus Co., Ltd.
surgical forceps / diamond-coated / straight / curved
surgical forceps
01/0315, 01/1315

Length: 15 cm

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ophthalmic surgery forceps / bipolar / bayonet / curved
ophthalmic surgery forceps
BF 540

Length: 13 cm

Bayonet bipolar forceps 13 cm, curved tip 0.5 mm - ophtalmology (ref. 00799)