ECG patient monitor / ambulatory / wearable / patch
ECG patient monitor
ZIO® XT Patch

... et al showed that 4 out of 5 patients who had worn a Holter monitor for 24 hours, and a ZIO® Patch for up to 14 days, preferred the ZIO® Patch. This study also showed a 57% greater diagnostic yield than ...

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iRhythm Technologies
ECG patient monitor / intensive care / wearable / wireless
ECG patient monitor

... array of possibilities for their use. Comprehensive and Contextual More measurements than any other biosensor. Single-Lead ECG Heart Rate Heart Rate Variability Respiratory Rate Skin Temperature Body Posture including ...

ECG patient monitor / temperature / CO2 / NIBP
ECG patient monitor
Jenny Patient Monitoring

Patient Monitoring for all patient groups (neonates, adults, children) IBP up to 4 channels NIBP SpO2 (Masimo) Temperature 2 channels CO2 (mainstream/sidestream) ECG (up to 12 leads) Printer

ECG patient monitor / clinical / implantable / continuous
ECG patient monitor
BioMonitor 2

BioMonitor 2 aids physicians seeking evidence of a patient’s suspected cardiac arrhythmia or unexplained syncope. The insertable cardiac remote monitor is designed to accurately detects arrhythmias. It ...

ECG patient monitor / respiratory frequency / temperature / cardiac output
ECG patient monitor

The CoVa™ Monitoring System 2 (CoVa™ 2) CoVa™ 2 is a low-cost, easy-to-use monitoring system featuring three primary components: Necklace (a body-worn sensor), Gateway, and Web-based System. The Necklace measures vital signs, complex ...

TEMP patient monitor / SpO2 / ECG / NIBP
TEMP patient monitor

Screen size: 8 in

... Portable use with Li ion battery Clear 8" color display HR derived from either ECG or SPO2 5 parameters: (ECG / SPO2 / blood pressure / temp. / respiration) Up to 720 hours ...