heating furnace / for dental laboratories / benchtop
heating furnace

Temperature range: 0 °C - 300 °C

Description Electric device useful for the injection proccess. Features User-friendly device. Reaches its initial temperature after 15 min of power-on. Maximum temperature: 300ºC. 400 watts energy consumption. Two models are available: 120V-60Hz ...

hardening furnace / heating / laboratory / benchtop
hardening furnace
XKL series

Temperature range: 20 °C - 1,200 °C
Capacity: 15 l

The laboratory furnaces 1200°C are used for a large number of high temperature treatments: burning, degassing, pre-heating, hardening, tempering, annealing of metals, stress relief, stabilization, tests ...

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France Etuves
heating furnace / sintering / for cobalt-chromium / zirconia
heating furnace
LHT 02/17

... Chamber Furnace for Sintering Translucent Zirconia Due to its maximum temperature of 1650 °C, LHT 02/17 LB Speed is perfectly suited for sintering of translucent zirconia. The electrically driven lift-bottom provides ...

heating furnace / for dental laboratories / benchtop
heating furnace

Safety Quality Precise The ECO model featuring a manual temperature dial is particularly suited for labs with quick work throughput and the need for an economic and effective burn-out furnace. Available in three chamber sizes (small, ...

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heating furnace / for dental laboratories / benchtop
heating furnace

Temperature range: 0 °C - 1,600 °C

... You can leave the furnace working and taking care of the programme chosen even at night time.This will give you some more efficiency, managing of 4-5 cycles 
per day. A graphic display of actual programme where the ...

heating furnace / for dental laboratories / vacuum / benchtop
heating furnace
Spectrum HT

Among FORUM Technologies top of the line vacuum porcelain furnaces is the Spectrum HT Furnace, which has both excellent temperature stability and heat distribution characteristics. The units program flexibility offers ...

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Forum Engineering Technologies
graphite furnace / heating / for spectrometers / automatic
graphite furnace
GF 5000

Temperature range: 20 °C - 3,000 °C

... System 5000 is an automated graphite furnace system which may be used with any GBC AAS and provides determination capability to sub-ppb concentrations for most elements. The furnace system includes the ...