urine drainage catheter / ureteral / hydrophilic / permanent
urine drainage catheter

Single Used Ureteral Catheter Equipped with medical stainless guide wire of 0.4 inch to ensure high X-ray; Red and black scale.

nephrostomy catheter / renal / hydrophilic
nephrostomy catheter

... graphically or ultrasound guided in cases of dilated pelvic calyceal system. Catheter features: The catheter made of polyurethane provides comfort to the patient. Hydrophilic ...

urethral catheter / hydrophilic
urethral catheter

... insertion guide (protective sheath) which provides a firm grip without touching the catheter assuring asseptic technique during insertion. B-Soft Hydrophilic Coated Nelaton Catheter is ...

PTCA catheter / coronary / balloon / hydrophilic
PTCA catheter

... objective … reach and cross the lesion with confidence. New tip New balloon specifications New markers New hydrophilic coating New hypotube

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occlusion catheter / hydrophilic / balloon
occlusion catheter
Scepter C®

The Occlusion Balloon Catheter is an amazing, state-of-the-art instrument, which is both versatile and easy to control. This device is a hydrophilic coated balloon with a uniquely designed distal tip. ...

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thrombus aspiration catheter / peripheral / coronary / hydrophilic
thrombus aspiration catheter

Aspiration Catheter Set This catheter sucks – with negative pressure to positive results. The Unblocker removes thrombus and debris by low pressure through a big inner lumen volume. The sophisticated ...

dilatation catheter / coronary / balloon / hydrophilic
dilatation catheter
Vega PA

... crossability Flexible tapered tip and lowest lesion entry profile (0,016") Optimal trackability Innovative hydrophilic coating Shaft performance 6F Kissing technique compatibility

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temperature monitoring catheter / central venous / hydrophilic / triple-lumen
temperature monitoring catheter

... power—based on protocol Catheter length—accommodates patient sizes All IVTM™ catheters feature: Triple-lumen central venous catheter (CVC) functions, including medication delivery, ...

urine drainage catheter / biliary / hydrophilic
urine drainage catheter

... maximum drainage into the catheter A consistent tip-to-hub inner lumen diameter to eliminate bottlenecks within the catheter A locking shoulder at the catheter tip to reduce the accordion ...

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