storage cart / medical records / 2-drawer / medical
storage cart

★ Storage for up to 30 Folders. ★ Breakaway Locking, or Central Locking Bar for All Drawers ★ Sliding Extension Platform for Space Saving ★ ABS Top Surface, Easy to Clean ★ 5” Total Locking Castors ★ Optional: Drawer and ABS Folder

transport trolley / X-ray records / with door / vertical-access
transport trolley

The trolley can carry 20 files. It has a painted steel structure, 2 top hpl door that has a key-lock, an open compartment, and 2 pushing handles.

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transport trolley / medical records / stainless steel
transport trolley

ABS top board. ABS Slide board Iron locking bar with key 42 ABS cases-history folders Stainless steel handrail ABS drawer, the drawer can be locked by the key on le left side PE Chasis Four Aluminum ...

storage trolley / medical records / with drawer / horizontal-access
storage trolley
700 Series®

Store an abundance of items from writing utensils to files in 700 Series pedestals. For design continuity, all mobile, freestanding, hanging and worksurface supporting pedestals match the other 700 Series files and complement KI panel ...

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storage trolley / medical records / mail / with basket
storage trolley


treatment trolley / multi-function / storage / emergency
treatment trolley

... ISO module trolleys, anaesthesia trolleys emergency trolleys …and more. Application: In clinics, rehabilitation centres and doctors’ practices.

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storage trolley / medical records / with door / 2-shelf
storage trolley
PrivacyLine™ Caddy 34"L 4722-00

PrivacyLine™ Caddys will hold both Side- and Top-Opening ringbinders in the same unit to provide maximum storage flexibility. Use adjustable wire dividers to store binders ranging from 1" - 4" size. Unit is made of durable steel with ...

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transport trolley / for medical records / with drawer / with laptop support
transport trolley

... floor sheet made from robust HPL. Floor made from sturdy HPL sheet. 4 plastic-padded wall guards at the height of the trolley floor. 4 swivel castors, diameter 125 mm, 2 of which with brake. Ergonomically ...

storage cart / medical records / with shelf / stainless steel
storage cart

L1200 x D650 x H1400 mm Stainless steel V shape shelf with divider on both sides 4 units 5" caster (2 with brake) Custom size available

storage trolley / medical records / 4-tray / with hinged door
storage trolley

Designed to provide a complete solution for storing, distributing and accessing medical notes and X-Rays. Medical notes trolleys are aesthetically pleasing, hygienically designed and ...

nursing trolley / multi-function / for medical records / with drawer
nursing trolley

PRODUCT FEATURES Makes Work More Efficient The unique shape of the legs improves accessibility to the wagon and prevents nurses maneuver or approach the wagon. Easy to Clean The edge of one side of the top tray is concave. This ...

storage trolley / medical records / with basket / modular
storage trolley

Developed from a backbone which tolerate 1 to 3 movable baskets. Basket dimensions are modular according to format files: A5 to A3+.

emergency trolley / intensive care / for instruments / medical records
emergency trolley

... Critical Care EHR Carts lets you decide the best setup for your facility. A full complement of accessory options permits complete customization to accommodate a variety of monitors, storage units and ...

storage trolley / for medical records / with shelf / secure
storage trolley

... the trolley : 24 recesses) Four recesses are enclosed by a sliding door, complete with key-lock. Zinc-plated wheels 125mm / 200mm, 2 with independent brakes Elegant appearance Completed welded construction Description Patient ...

storage cart / transport / medical records / 2-tray
storage cart

... compact size and smooth glide rubber casters make it the ideal small mobile cart. It has two tilted shelves that keep contents securely in the cart during transport and unobtrusive mobile ...

storage trolley / for medical records / aluminum
storage trolley

... The inner core is using chromium steel with ABS external, ultra PU casters for silence design. Aluminum profile frame The trolley use different front column and rear column aluminum profile as frame.

multi-function trolley / medical records / vertical-access
multi-function trolley

... Doimo Mis carts have a simple and basic design. Lines and materials are chosen to ensure both easy use and efficiency. Attention to the parts and details along with a wide line of accessories allow to choose freely meeting ...

transport trolley / for medical records / with door / with drawer
transport trolley

Trolley for medical records To help medical staff to classify and to move medical documents, LM REALISATIONS provides a trolley range ...

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LM Realisations
storage trolley / transport / for medical records / with tambour door
storage trolley
Visite XL, Visite XXL

... PraticDose examination trolleys provide a comprehensive solution for transporting files around wards. This examination trolley is designed to accommodate and transport large-format medical ...

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transport trolley / storage / medical records / stainless steel
transport trolley

Medical Secretary Trolley is well designed for carrying general admin notes, associated documents and consumables. The device is composed of epoxy or 304 grade stainless steel and measures 840 x 840 x ...