Operating tables

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hand surgery surgical table / manual / height-adjustable / on casters
hand surgery surgical table

The universal hand table is the new indispensable tool for hand surgery. This is a table for surgeons designed by surgeons. The universal hand table is an independent and mobile system ...

universal operating table / hydraulic / height-adjustable / tilting
universal operating table


universal operating table / electro-hydraulic
universal operating table

... Hydraulic Operating Table was developed in order to be suitable for all types of surgeries however simple or complex. Its intuitive and customizable design allows the surgeon to correctly ...

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ophthalmic operating table / electric / Trendelenburg / reverse Trendelenburg
ophthalmic operating table

Specifications: Length:1970 ±50mm Width: 600 ±20mm Height: (550-800) ±50mm Trendelenburg:≥15° Rev-Trend:≥15° Head Board Fold Upward: ≥20° Fold Downward: ≥90° Main Voltage Ac: 220v 50hz Input Power: 500va

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Seeuco Electronics Technology
orthopedic operating table / manual / height-adjustable / pediatric
orthopedic operating table

... Pediatric Spica Table is specifically tailored for child-care specialists working within a professional medical setting. Whether in clinics, children’s hospitals, emergency rooms, general hospitals, the use of the Pediatric ...

universal operating table / electric / height-adjustable / on casters
universal operating table

... range of medical equipment needed inside the OR. • Monitors • Surgery Tables • Anaesthesia equipment • Towers (LAP, Endo, etc.) • Surgical microscopes • C-Arm’s • Medical Gases • Surgical ...

gynecology operating table / electric
gynecology operating table

... are complete. Up/down of the tabletop as well as angle adjustment of the back plate and seat plate can be carried out by operating through the hand controller or the pedal controller. * ...

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Harbin Howell Medical Apparatus and Instruments Co
universal operating table / hydraulic / height-adjustable / Trendelenburg
universal operating table

Specifications • A four section versatile general operating table. • Trendelenburg, Lateral tilt & Kidney bridge facilities. • All controls including height adjustment pedal, brake pedal and section ...

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Strongman Medline
ENT operating table / neurosurgery / ophthalmic / dermatology
ENT operating table

The Mobile Operating Chair CRANICARE 5000 – Innovative and Versatile Our mobile operating chair CRANICARE 5000 provides optimum support for the medical staff. This chair stands out for its innovative ...

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veterinary surgical table / hydraulic / tilting
veterinary surgical table

Hylander economy hydraulic surgery/exam table. Raised edge 16 gauge stainless steel top 22" x 44". Heavy duty large diameter base rotates 360° and locks in any position. Furnished with tie downs. 1 year warranty on ...

universal operating table / electro-hydraulic / Trendelenburg / reverse Trendelenburg
universal operating table

... allowing the possibility of floating thetop through simultaneous or individual movements Withvelocity control, resulting in free and full radiolucencythroughout its length for use of the surgical arch in 3D image.

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universal operating table / electric
universal operating table

Technical Details: Height Adjustment: 740mm – 1040mm Table Horizantal Length: 1980mm Table Width: 480mm Table Base: 500mm * 1000mm Head Section: 480mm * 270mm Back Section: 480mm * 500mm Seat ...

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universal operating table / hydraulic
universal operating table

Features: 1)This table is designed for surgical procedures of the head,neck , thorax and abdomen ,and extremities as weel as for gynaecological , oto-rhino-laryngological and orthopaedics operations ...

universal operating table / hydraulic / manual
universal operating table
Andra A10

manual hydraulic surgical table with divided leg section

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CI Healthcare
universal operating table / mechanical / electric / Trendelenburg
universal operating table

... Detachable Leg Rest Available Electrical Specifications Power In (Mains Power Supply) Nominal 230 V Ac 90V Ac to 300V Ac Operating range with battery Protection Voltage 45Hz to 55Hz Electrical Shock Protection Class ...

universal operating table / electro-hydraulic / Trendelenburg / height-adjustable
universal operating table

The BERLIN operating table is perfectly suitable for the safe and comfortable positioning of the patient in all surgical disciplines, such as General Surgery, Cardio-Vascular Surgery, ...

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GUBBEMED International
gynecological operating table / urological / electric / height-adjustable
gynecological operating table

The iMoc Baroc operating table/chair is specifically meant for bariatric surgery.

universal operating table / electro-hydraulic / Trendelenburg / reverse Trendelenburg
universal operating table
INP-ME 500

Five Actuators Height Regulation Trendelemburg Reverse Trendelemburg Lateral Back Longitudinal Slip Leg Movements (Piston) Head Movements (Piston)

universal operating table / electric / X-ray transparent / on casters
universal operating table

The GOLEM surgical tables(OP) are manufactured in a wide range of models that makes it possible for every user to choose a design and equipment fully satisfying their demanding requirements. The operating ...

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RQL - GOLEM tables
orthopedic operating table / electric
orthopedic operating table

This combined surgical and orthopedic table features articulations to offer a variety of positions and provide the patient with comfort in all surgical procedures: general and orthopedic ...

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urological operating table / electric / eccentric column
urological operating table
PSI Legend Uro

Dedicated Urology OT Table A varient of Legend model dedicated to Ureteroscopy and PCNL. The eccentric constructiuon minimizes reconfiguration of the table, maintains access to the anesthetist from the ...

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Palakkad Surgical Industries
universal operating table / electric
universal operating table

DS-ⅡM Electric Operating Table Table frame is made of high strength cast aluminum alloy and stainless steel Wide sliding range of table top: 350mm, meet the requirement ...

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Pax Medical Instrument
universal operating table / hydraulic / Trendelenburg / height-adjustable
universal operating table

... with radio translucent top for use of C-arm image intensifier. • For General surgery & certain special surgical procedures. • Central position table column and interchangeable head and leg section for ...

universal operating table / electro-hydraulic / X-ray transparent / on casters
universal operating table

... type is special tabletop elevation 54-102 cm for neurosurgery operation. “B” type is Elec. Power auto-recharge system, to keep the table in power condition. “R” type with tabletop ...

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Sturdy Industrial
universal operating table / electro-hydraulic / rotating
universal operating table
STR 2000F

... ranges 30 cm. (Standard feature of model STR 2000F) • 12 cm height adjustable manual or electro-hydraulic kidney elevator system. • Electro-hydraulic brake system. • Table can rotate 360 degrees on its ...

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ERYIGIT Medical Devices