Periodontal probes

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periodontal probe / simple / Williams / Michigan
periodontal probe
16-5xx series

It is essential that the tips on a periodontal probe be polished to a smooth and fine finish. This is to assure ease and comfort in sub gingival access. These tips must have clear, precise, and consistant ...

dental restoration dental explorer / endodontic / periodontal / diagnostic
dental restoration dental explorer
C.S. series

... G Hartzell & Son are dental instruments that are commonly used in a variety of dental procedures including diagnostic, periodontal, dental hygiene, restorative, cavity prep and operative procedures.

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G. Hartzell & Son, Inc.
tip dental probe / periodontal / color-coded
tip dental probe

Corresponds to Jetip Instrument Silver Handle. Included in the Jetip Instrument Surgical Basic Set and the Jetip Instrument Essential Set.