Periodontal scalers

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lingual dental scaler / sickle
lingual dental scaler

... Posterior Scalers are used to remove deposits from supragingival surfaces of posterior teeth. There are two basic design classifications for posterior scalers. They are Jacquette scalers ...

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Nordent Manufacturing, Inc.
sickle dental scaler / periodontal
sickle dental scaler

In its longstanding, customer-oriented commitment, LASCOD has now won another challenge by patenting an innovative surface treatment of surgical steel, giving rise to a new, highly functional smooth handle. This new handle facilitates ...

periodontal scaler
periodontal scaler
TOWNER | 184.15D

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ultrasonic dental scaler / periodontal / for endodontics / handpiece
ultrasonic dental scaler

Ultrasonic generator which combines 3 functions: Dental clearance, endodontic treatment and periodontal treatment. It is precise and powerful. In addition it can be equipped with an optional bottle for irrigation (bottle ...

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periodontal scaler / double
periodontal scaler

Universal scaler anterior and posterior For the cleaning of mesial and distal surfaces in the anterior and premolar areas Hollow handle, therefore very light Total length: 16 cm Double-sided

hoe scaler / periodontal
hoe scaler
SxH/xHSS series

Hoes Scalers, Periodontal These periodontal hoes scalers from G Hartzell & Son are dental instruments that are commonly used in periodontal and dental ...

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G. Hartzell & Son, Inc.