Peripheral catheters

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thrombus aspiration catheter / coronary / peripheral / hydrophilic
thrombus aspiration catheter

Aspiration Catheter Set This catheter sucks – with negative pressure to positive results. The Unblocker removes thrombus and debris by low pressure through a big inner lumen volume. The sophisticated ...

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Accura Medizintechnik
thrombectomy catheter / coronary / peripheral
thrombectomy catheter

... vessel. When deployed, the mouth of the catheter creates a vacuum seal in the vessel and anchors itself by using primarily blood pressure and a small amount of outward radial force. The mouth of the catheter ...

thrombus aspiration catheter / arterial / peripheral
thrombus aspiration catheter

... ISOLV Aspiration Catheter is designed to provide an efficient and effective solution for thrombus removal. Offering excellent trackability, pushability, and aspiration volume. The Aspiration Catheter ...

dilatation catheter / peripheral / balloon
dilatation catheter

Two different technologies for the same goal, to reach distal lesions with one balloon and without the need of pre-dilatation.

radiofrequency ablation catheter / blood vessel
radiofrequency ablation catheter

... handpiece, hand-controlled, general-purpose, single-use This is a catheter type electrode intended for vessel and tissue coagulation(such as intravenous and intramedullary). This catheter is soft ...