rapid  tumor marker test / for cancers
rapid tumor marker test

HEALTH MATETM Rapid tests • Tumor Marker- PSA, FOB, AFP, CEA

rapid fecal occult blood test / colon cancer / hemoglobin / stool
rapid fecal occult blood test

... . Thereby no nutrition limitations are required prior to the test, because the test can't be distorted by nutrition (unlike the Guajak test). GV FOB Fecal occult blood Package unit: ...

rapid alpha-fetoprotein test / for cancers / serum / plasma
rapid alpha-fetoprotein test

Alpha-Fetoprotein Quantitative Detection Kit(Chemiluminescent Immunoassay) Intended use: Quantitative determination of alpha-fetoprotein in human serum and plasma.

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Shanghai Kehua Bioengineering
cancer rapid diagnostic test / AFP / serum
cancer rapid diagnostic test

... ABT-TM-B19 AFP Serum Cassette CE INTENDED USE Accu-Tell ® Rapid AFP Serum Test is a rapid direct binding test for the visual ...

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AFP rapid diagnostic test / for cancers / whole blood / immunoassay
AFP rapid diagnostic test

... cassette style AFP Test in whole blood is a rapid direct binding test for the detection of Alpha Fetoprotein as an aid in the diagnosis of primary hepatocellular carcinomas, testicular ...

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MH medical
rapid bladder cancer test / for tumor markers / urine
rapid bladder cancer test
Status BTA

... adding urine to test device Accurate test results with superior sensitivity and specificity Detects early stage recurrence of cancer that cytology may miss Results available ...

rapid cancer test / for tumor markers / stool / plasma
rapid cancer test

... marker tests for diagnosing potential cancers. The FOB test is able to detect blood in one's stool to indicate possible colon cancer. Our PSA test can ...